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Overose is a luxury french perfume house founded in 2016 with its head quarter standing at rue des martyrs in the 9th district of paris.

Nudesse - is a damascena rose and petrichor fragranced candle featuring a natural extraction method to capture the genuine scent of the flower. Petrichor is the small of the air after the rain. 

Anthurium - floral, but green. Full bloomed with a wild rose and berries sensation. Combines blackcurrant, wild raspberries, rose petals, and wild caladium leaves.

Valkiria - evokes the feeling of biting into a juicy peach in an orchard on a hot summer day. It is the quintessential Spring/Summer candle. Notes of sweet tobacco, fig, and peach. Signature rose nude wax in a mouth blown rose nude glass. 

Anamorphine - a perfect balance of femininity and masculinity. Freshly bloomed peonies opens the rip sweetness of raspberries. This floral fruity sensation is complimented by a swirl of vanilla. Lastly we used a splash of tabacco to infuse a delicate smokiness to the fragrance.


  • Raw materials of natural origins - natural essential oils
  • 1.7 fl oz / 200 G
  • Burning time up to 60h