blackbird ballard - the future beard oil 2oz

by BlackBird Ballard

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The Future, a utopian cloud city where the air smells clean, bright and perfect, and so does your beard (caraway seed oil + fluffy clouds). 

If The Future isn't your thing, take a time machine back to The Present or The Past beard oils.

WHY YOU NEED THIS: A lot of guys have irritated skin underneath their beards that moisturizers, lotions and creams can’t help with. We’ve also heard from a lot of girlfriends/boyfriends that their fella's beard is itchy and/or smelly when they snuggle up close. This product addresses all of these concerns while improving overall skin and beard health and appearance.

DETAILS: A high concentration of argan oil in The Future Beard Oil softens and adds body to facial hair, enhances natural hair color, and eliminates dry, itchy skin. Our super lightweight, fast-absorbing blend is perfect for beards of any length and all skin types.

USE: Drop the desired amount of oil into palm. Rub hands together and apply evenly to facial hair and skin underneath.


    • Lightweight
    • Soothes itchy skin
    • Softens hair and brightens color
    • Use on beard and other body hairs.
    • UV coated glass bottle protects product for a longer shelf life. 
    • Glass dropper dispenses the exact dosage.
    • Generous 2 FL OZ. = 60 mL size